Honoring True Widows

Honoring True Widows

1 Timothy 5:3-16

I. How should a church care for their widows?

A. Because of the benefits of our modern society (Social Security, life insurance, retirement, welfare) many people may not relate as much to how the early church cared for their widows.

B. The modern church can operate various ministries that meets the needs of people; like feeding the hungry, caring for orphans and widows, etc. but over time might lose their biblical focus.

C. Though ministries can be used to meet the needs of the people, they cannot cause the neglect of the preaching of God's word. (Acts 6:1-2)


II. True widows (1 Timothy 5:3-8, 16)

A. The Qualifications of a True Widow

1. She is left all alone (1 Timothy 5:5a)

2. She is a believer (1 Timothy 5:5b)

3. She is one who serves God (1Timothy 5:5c)

B. A sad reality: There are some people in the church(widows included) who might not be truly saved. Therefore, the gospel must be preached that they might be saved and continued to be taught that they might be discipled.

C. Those primarily responsible for the care of widows:

1. Her children or grandchildren

2. A male sibling of hers

3. A female sibling of hers


III. A true widow's character (1 Timothy 5:9-10)

A. The widow's past home life: Faithful in her marriage to her husband, and in raising up her own children.

B. The widow's good works among God's people:

1. She has shown hospitality.

2. Humbly served others in the church.

3. Cared for others who suffered.

4. Godliness in all areas of her life.

C. Let a widow be enrolled if she is 60 years of age or older:

1. Past the age of child-bearing

2. Sex drive has waned

3. Settled in life


IV. Younger widows (1 Timothy 5:11-15)

A. They might be drawn away by their passions: A strong sex drive and/or personal ambitions.

B. During their time of crisis, they might make vows to God that they later, cannot keep.

C. The church is not to be "enablers" that might cause some to "learn to be idlers".

D. Wisdom and discernment needed: That younger widows re-marry and establish another household.


V. God uses a widow of Zarephath (1 Kings 17)

A. God calls upon someone considered to be 'helpless' to be 'of help'. (1 Kings 17:8-9)

B. Have faith, even when it doesn't make logical sense. (1 Kings 17:10-12)

C. We need to not fear and trust Him. (1 Kings 17:13-14)

D. Take the steps of faith to discover the promises of God. (1 Kings 17:15-16)


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